Medicare and Social Security Measures for Protection and Improvement

It’s hard to deny that there is a problem with how Medicare and Social Security work right now. While these government programs continue to falter, money is being devoted to bailing out big banks that have behaved badly, covering up fraud, offering subsidies to big businesses that already make millions of dollars a year. Money is being dumped into the pockets of the rich and is not being put towards the innocent citizens who are in serious need of the benefits that Medicare and Social Security offer to individuals.

Why Are Medicare and Social Security Important?

Tulsi Gabbard emphasizes Medicare and Social Security is two of the most important public programs that the government offers. It helps to provide health-care for people who are over the age of sixty-five or who have certain disabilities that make them unable to work, or, in the case of Social Security, to provide people who do not have enough or any income with money to survive.

Tulsi Gabbard has pointed out- at their most basic levels, they are a health insurance and public service program that makes it possible for those who otherwise would not be able to pay for their own medical care or wellbeing to get the medical care, housing, and food that they need. Tulsi Gabbard said its purpose is to care for the retired, disabled, or poor, primarily from funds that they paid while they were working and that other taxpayers pay into those funds. Tulsi is also seen discussing other diversified issues that has impact as a whole to the American nation.

Tulsi Gabbard’s careful attitude mentioned that is not exactly how either of these programs work, especially as there are a rising number of unemployed seniors, and tax funds that should go to these programs is instead being used for other, less worthy causes.

Where Is the Money Going?

Money that should be paid into Medicare and Social Security is instead being paid into programs that are supposed to help stabilize the economy, intervention wars, but which most people see as predatory or, even worse, simply non-functional. Tulsi Gabbard realized this is a serious problem. As the number of people trying to draw on these program continues to rise, there are fewer resources and less money to go around, often because money is being diverted to other “causes” which are certainly less worthy than caring for the sick among us.